O' human heart

O' heart, I wonder how you can store                 so many different emotions of ours         in just thy four puny chambers     while pumping away the liquid of life



O' heart in you we discover love       but side by side you can harbour hate    In you we find the emotion of happiness          but side by side you simmer rage!



When you cease to beat many plans you thwart    May God protect the precious heart.



And while some O' heart you hold dear   some make you skip a beat in fear!



O' heart but we find in you as well   the vile emotion of jealousy     Such a potpourri of emotions in you dwell    Help filter out any wrong ones for me!



A mere four chambers indeed, but spacious are they     Invite therein whomsoever in the world you may



But in the end forget not to reserve   atleast a single chamber for its Creator, to preserve     The creator of hearts     More than that deserves.

This poem is about: 
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Beautifully written poem
Great msg
When we're weak, God gives us strength




Hey no comment? Ok but take care maybe u loved the poem

Rachel Genevieve

I love the description of blood as "the liquid of life" and the final line's acknowledgement of the Creator God. Very well-written!


I'm glad you liked divine acknowledgement as well. Warmest thanks for your lovely feedback.


my gosh id swear this would be one of shakespeares works, you really did give

a great view as to how the heart can feel love and fear as welid like to say thank you for posting such and amazing piece

like true art it has touched me


Thanks  soo much for such a fine comment. I've been compared by other poets to many famous  classical poets such as Keats, Dahl and others so I'm flattered u fink I read a bit like Shakespeare too. 


Warmest thanks for nice acknowledgement. I'm wondering if I've read yours too.


Touching to the feels. Greatly appreciate your perspective 


Warmest thanks for the comment, though I'm wondering if I have read yours too. But your name is not clickable or reachable ah so how do I find your poems here?


Won't lie at first I wasn't feeling it but the further I got the deeper the message and the more I could relate. Definitely worth reading.


Thanks so much, ah, but your name too is not clickable so I don't know if I read your poems and how to find them. Only some names are clickable here.


Oh dear I don't use any professional conventional poetic devices, my muse is always meandering and my rhythm and rhyme always obey my muse rather than vice versa like perfect classic and professional poets. I'm mainly for the content.

Warmest thanks for your comment. Have a great day.


Thanks lots.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! 


Thanks ever so much for that feedback.


Absolutely beautiful, the imagery is beyond explanation.


Warmest thanks for comment !


This was very well written and I loved the creator part in it. The whole thing flowed very well and I loved the picture that went with it.


The creator part means the main thing to me, so I'm glad you loved that. Thanks so much for feedback, 


This was so good, wow... You truly have a gift 


Thanks so much for comment. But your name is not clickable like the others so how do I find your poems too??

Atowaso Sagata



Thanks for loving my poem. ☺️

ValanThia VV

Powerful ...

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