O Doug! My Doug!

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 10:20 -- Katara

O DOUG! my Doug! Our joyful trip is done,

The collar weather’d every task, the happiness we made was fun,

The time is near, the sobs I hear, the people all crying,

While droopy eyes and soft face, the body old and dying;

           But O wag! wag! wag!

            O the thumping fur of gold,

             Where on the porch my Doug lies,

                Asleep, quiet, and cold.


O Doug! my Doug!  Wake up and hear the cries;

Wake up – for you the tear is shed – for you the child cries,

For you treats and toys a many – for you the porch


For you they call, the upset family, their sad faces blotchy,

             Here Doug! Good Boy!

               I lean toward you to hold!

                 It is some nightmare that on the porch,

                   You’re asleep, quiet, and cold.


My Doug does not answer, his eyes are cloudy and bare,

My good boy does not feel my hug, he has no wag or despair,

The body is wrapped safe and sound, its life closed and done,

For joyful times the memories come through one by one,

               Smile O friends, and be SO happy!

                 But I with tears uncontrolled,

                   Watch the porch where my Doug lies,

                     Asleep, quiet, and cold.





This poem is about: 
My family


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