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What kind of man will I be? 

Will I be different from mankind?

Ask any baby momma

No man has ever been kind

Define who I am?


Depict this scripture

Then see the whole picture


There's more than meets the eye

Even a blind man can see the truth

Foo, just listen to the proof

Everyday I wear jordans

He asked, "Well do you have the passion of Jordan?"

Telling me I'm not walking the road to fortune

If I got the mind of a ghetto orphan

Do you see what I see?

Fuck conformity

Why blend IN

When you can pop OUT

It's all about individuality



N.W.A said to Express Yourself

Don't be a copy of the next man

Plan to be original

One less fake rapper would be a miracle

Don't FRONT, one day you'll end up on your BACK

Bite your tongue if you ain't speaking facts

Using the same flow just to blow

The bandwagon is full of Average Joe's


Can't see my reflection on the TV

The media telling me who I need to be

Telling me I gotta buy this and that

Saying I gotta buy expensive brands

Brainwashing when they got DIRTY hands

Strictly business

So quit the bitching


Everybody got points of view

He say, She say

It's all child's play

No balance in this see-saw

So I guess it's FUCK'EM ALL

You gotta be true to you

If they don't like it

Throw up a finger

So they can get a good view

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