Nutshell of Election

Equality to open minded

Race to friendships

Money for change


2016 was change

More freedom

So I thought


Trump, Trump, Trump

Equality now is man

Race turned to prejudice

Money is power


Make America Great Again they said

All I see is fear, bigotry, hate

What do they mean by ‘great again’


History repeats itself

Hitler, Stalin, Castro

Same views

Trump, Putin, Jong Un

Supports each other's views


Where did America go wrong?

Mass killings in other countries

Police brutality in ours

Government is crooked


I want change

They want control

Fear to make us not speak against

Race to divide what we overcame


America did change

Is this 1900s or 2000s

Why in my lifetime I ask


There's more social media then social reforms

More recognition for an internet trend than a movement

Parties, drugs, sex

That is why


My generation cares for popularity not humanity

Orwell did say Ignorance is strength

No wonder it’s in my lifetime

X can now control the wasted youth


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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