Numbers and Letters

Sat, 11/23/2013 - 19:04 -- AmyLeya


Pencil, booklet, answer sheet

Will they be my victory or my defeat

When you start the timer, my hearts starts to race

When I'm 10 minute behind the class, you tell me to pick up the pace

Don't give us the 5 minute warning, it'll just stress us out

It's a miracle our test score don't bring your spirits down

So many sheets of test prep given to all of us

But it never works, you know that, so why all the fuss

In fourth grade we got Mentos, in sixth we just relaxed

Why do teachers even care if we know our facts

You took tests too, didn't you, and they must have made you scared

So listen to us when we say the questions just aren't fair

Why is it that when you're in school, it's all numbers and letters

If you did more of what we like school would be so much better

My life isn't all letters and numbers, when you look deeper there's much more

Let this be our lesson to you; this isn't what school is for



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