Number 10

I love you. It's not until night that I realize just how much I love you.I've loved you since 9th grade and I haven't stopped since. Although you left me in the past a long time ago, I've never be able to let you go.We've experienced our differences and admitted that I was wrong but, I want you.I need you!I still remember how you would stare at me to get my attention when you thought I wasn't looking. When I finally did look at you, I loved you.The look in your eyes told me you felt the same way somewhere but that look was never for just me.It was for the 37 other girls that came next.I loved you!What were you thinking when you were looking at me? What were you saying to yourself?When I looked at you, all I could envision was a future of you & I together.A successful family who trusted in the name of the Lord, overcame their obstacles, and was happy.That could be us.All you had to say was "yes."All you have to say is "yes," and I'll be 2 minutes from your doorstep asking you "What do I have to do to make this... Make us work.. Last... Love this time."Because I love you.Through the pain and hurt I was put through without you recognizing it, let alone realizing how I felt.The late mornings, of nothing but thoughts on how maybe if I show just a little more skin, or cut myself here, or better yet end it all tonight for you to notice me again.Love is a form of suicide.For you I was sacrificing my intelligence, happiness, and life. Some how you were... And still are worth it."I love you.

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