your limb falling asleep

Detaching itself from your body

a heavy stone to lift


Your tongue deprived of the power of sensation

After its touch of the cold

And you get nervous

But only for that minute

And move on

You see we don’t dwell in the things that make us nervous

Cuz that's what the society has told us to do

Not getting nervous of things that aren’t new

these moments of fear are common

So we move on and go shoppin’

Thirteen, ten, seventeen, twenty, twenty five

He left no lives

These numbers are meant for the eyes

To be projected on the screens

As statistics

These numbers

once the avenue to trade

Now reflect the trade

Of a bullet and a life

Churches, schools, movie theatres, streets

I am a piece of meat

To be hunted

On the grounds that showed me future

Where I could touch the stars

Through the telescope of education

In these four walls

I could rise

Break through barriers

I was told these four walls would shield me

From the hardships of the world

With my education being my savior

But these walls turn into a cage

And the rooms where knowledge is manifested

Holds frightened faces

That drop cold

The promise of eternity

It's all a farce

A broken promise

By the generation that holds our country’s future

Residing in the senate and the house

chasing the money

Like a cat and a mouse

Silencing the cries of those hunted

creating party platforms

For the future america

The generation afraid of making a decision

Closing every debate on the weapon of mass destruction

Ya I get there is a second amendment

Part of the bill of rights

Which we fought for with all our might

To ensure our safety and independence


The safety which our founding fathers fought for

Is no longer more

The safety promised

Has been tarnished

By the very same amendment

Give it a control

The fully automatic weapons do the killing

Rather than the saving

Cafeterias, gyms, classrooms, hallways, fire alarms

These hallways are just the routes on his map

With every soul being a target for his weapon

Sandy hook, marjory stoneman douglas, Columbine

The victims had souls

We end one chapter and move on to the next

We cannot be numb

This is a fight

A right

to fix what people in senate and house failed to do

Stand up for your life before it’s someone else’s job.  


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