The NSA Creeps

The NSA loves to go people watching 

Their favorite watching spot is a little difficult to get to 

They crawl through the tiniest copper tubes to get to you 

They make sure you don’t see or hear them 

They have their own little spot to watch you, watch me, and watch everyone in between 

 It isn’t all that creepy 

Just think, they probably hear you right now 

They always know where you are, you can’t hide from them 

If you don’t do anything wrong you will never see them 

They keep watch and keep a look out for trouble 

If you want to talk to them you can pick up any phone, and call any number 

They will always hear you since they are always listening and watching you 

They hear you, they see you 

You never hear them, you never see them 

They crawl and slither at a fantastic pace through that fantastic network of copper tubes 

Can you hear them? Can you see them? 

Of course you can’t, but they can hear and see you 

It isn’t all that creepy: 

They know everything about you, 

You put your phone to your face, it is like putting your face right next to the NSA, 

They are watching me, they are watching you, they are watch everyone in between 

They are the champions at people watching 

And you will never see them



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