A Nowhere Road

I’m tired

I wake up and I’m tired

I go to class and I’m tired

I come home and I’m tired

And the only moment of peace is when I lay my head on my pillow

Then it starts again

Always moving

Always trudging ahead

Never getting a break


We toil day in and day out

Then we work, play sports, try to have a social life, and attempt to finish hours of homework

It’s as if teachers think we all have super speed

That we can finish their three assignments in minutes, when its really half an hour each

And as if they don’t understand this fact


I have five others and they also love to hand out the dreaded homework

Its a miracle to escape its clutches

And to maintain that sacred GPA, it mustn't be avoided

Forget that movie marathon with your friends,

Its time for an allnighter and a hermit style weekend to catch up


And we don’t even learn anything helpful while toiling away at school.

It’s random mathematics nobody needs,

(Did you know the natural log of e equals one? Because I do, and it will be ever so helpful to me in life),

History we will forget,

And how to pass a test

That’s all we learn, fun facts and how to pass tests

We don’t learn any real life skills

Theres no “How to get into college” or “How to be successful in college” classes

We just build up pressure into the unknown

Teachers always say the pioneers were brave, trekking into the unknown

Well what are we doing?

Aimlessly drowning ourselves to try and reach this unavoidable goal

And what for?

Where are we going?

For once I’d actually like to know


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