Now I Know What I Deserve

Thu, 06/28/2018 - 13:45 -- ann03

did I talk too much?

was it my voice or my apperance?

because right now my brain is spinning trying to figure out what I did wrong,

and I just can't comprehend why I wasn't good enough,

our daily conversations turned into an occasional text,

now I miss you and I sound like a wreck,

our photos used to be a comforting sight,

now I look through them wondering if I did anything right,

I tried to be your rainbow on a cloudy day,

but it seems if all you wanted to do was push me away,

I'd bend my back 'til it would break just to make you smile,

but now that we haven't talked for a while,

I think about the memories we shared,

and I realize now that you never cared,

so thank you for letting me be there for you,

because now I know I deserve a friend like me too.

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