I've always been a little biased about the seasons

Fall seems to have always been my favorite

I guess because I was born in November

In the midst of falling leaves

And changing color

Of cool and bitter air

In the midst of change

It's funny how it seems that fall is like a teenager

Coming right before the terrifying cruelness of the cold

But right after the brand newness of spring 

It comes and hits all at once that soon the year will be ending

Just like a teenager notices that their childhood will be closing

Something about November to me though

Has always meant something good was coming

Bonfires would soon start to roar

The satisfying crunch of leaves would soon begin

Laughter would start to fill the air

Something about the change November brings

Always makes me happy with wonderment 

Now though, I have a whole new reason to love November

And the cool air it brings

Because you too, were born in November 

In the midst of change for the year

You too, were born in the midst of vibrant green

Turning into warm orange and red

Even though the air seems to bite with an almost bitter cold

You too were born in the middle of the air changing

And it fits you perfectly

Because everytime I look at you that's all I can think

Of the warm colors coming, of how fires start to crackle

All I can feel every time I look at you, is the same way November feels

And like I love November

I love you


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