Nothing Will Stop Me

College is right around the corner

IB, AP, everything's all behind me now

Tuition and money got real, but how?

Childhood gone, adulthood's an order


Gonna be living on my own

Real world's got me under pressure

But before I can discover the true treasure

I've gotta feel the hurt of taking out a loan


The birds I tried to catch in the past

I hope to avoid now, when driving a car

And although I've gone so far

I now know that this hurdle isn't the last


I used to think, "Look at what I've accomplished!"

Looking at the past as if I've done everything

But now when I look at anything

I think, "What will it be like when I overcome this?"


The curiosity of my childhood past

Has turned into reality, accomplishment, failure

Everything I've done I look back at as a savior

I'm guided for the future, from butterflies to rats


The doors shut are as good as those opened

In the past, I'd cry and not let my mistakes go

That shut a lot of doors, but opened a huge load

Mistakes are what I learn from, big and small, received and sent


I used to think the world is in my hands

I used to think I knew everything

I know now, my life is what makes me sing

Not whether or not I have complete control of my land


I can't change others, only myself

I won't turn the world around, but I will try

I won't stop no matter what, not even pause to sigh

Because there is never anything that's not left

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