Nothing other than

Fri, 03/18/2016 - 19:39 -- txladya

To many times

To many places

To many heart breaks

Yet your still here


Why shake away all this pain

Why wipe away all these mistakes

Why rewind all this time

Because I'm still here


Maybe if I hadnt screamed

Maybe if you hadn't disapproved

Maybe if we hadn't pushed and pulled

We would still be there


Scars can heal

Glass can be fixed

Apologies can be spoken

But our relationship will always be broken


Pain keeps us thriving

Pain keeps us open

Pain keeps us awake

Pain is our addiction


Without you emotions would drain from me

Without you reality strikes

Without you I could'nt feel alive

Without me who would feed your sadistic guilty pleasures


Don't forget to smile 

Because even though we can't be fixed

We wouldn't change a thing

We keep each other breathing

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