Nothing more

Wed, 08/22/2018 - 02:52 -- FM909

As far as we go
You left me long ago
I tried to save you
But you were afraid of me
Afraid of what we could be
I let you bring me down to lift you up
All I wanted was you
You wanted everything that was not me
In the end you will see
You will never find me again
As I walk away
You will see
I was the best thing to you
For you
But as long as you are you
I will never be able to be free
I let myself go
Unchain me from you
We no longer belong
We is not us but me without you
Thats the best way to be
Forgive me
I no longer want you
I no longer crave you
Need you
Feel you
You mean nothing
You are my down fall
And I will climb before you
And show you
I am worth more than you ever made me to be
I am more that what we stood for
I will stand and fall
And learn and grow
I will sow the seed of love in all that was abandoned
Because of you
I will live..


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