Nothing But Me

Why do I write?

I write because I must.

There is no choice. 

There only is and isn't.

The words are a part of me;

     I cannot deny myself.

When I was first shown the beauty that words could create

I felt as though a piece of me

     fell into place.

I knew that I had discovered something

     life altering. 

It was when I had just turned thirteen,

     barely having started my lifelong adventure,

     I discovered poetry.

I have an English teacher to thank

     for helping me find myself.

So, you see, 

The words flow without provocation.

The ideas refuse to leave me alone

     unless I express them.

The poetry I create is merely an extension of myself.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello, I am a writer.

And you are?



I love the ending!


Thank you!

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