Nothing But Flaws


Flawless? Whats that?
All I see on this body are flaws.
All I see from this life are cracks and broken pieces 
Damage making the value of this life, this person, close to worthless.
But thats only on the outside. The side that everyone, anyone, can see.
The inside is broken a bit as well.. 
But its so much better.
And greatly amazing.

Whats flawless?
Its not the outside that makes up the worth.
Its the damaged inside that counts. Not flawless,
But its worth something.
Its worth much more than what people can see from only the outside.
Look into the beauty on the inside.

What do you see?
I see patterns of all sorts.
Colours of blinding beauty too.
All within a heart, soul, and strong mind.

-The heart is flawed because its covered in rust and steel chains.
But clean it up and set it free, do you see?
The heart is made of gold. It cares for others and saves lives of those it can.
It can also love as well as do so much more.

-The soul is flawed by dark dreams leaving it to swirl in an orb of dispair.
But when its released, whats there?
A soul that guarantees happiness and guidence always.
Just look in to see.

-The mind. Her mind. Her flawed mind.
This mind is whats to be respected and admired.
Nothing can change this mind, but so many things can open it wider.
Her mind is like a whole other world. It knows so many things, and with that knowledge she helps so many who need it. So many who are desperate for kindness and advice. Thats what this mind gives. Its as open as a book, yet flawed only by its physical outer shell. A shell which so many have trouble looking inside. But the lucky few who do look within are able to look in and see what you might now be able to see.

A beautiful golden heart, happy soul, and a mind as wide and colorful as an infinite mosaic.
Each are hindered by a great flaw.
Just look inside, then you can see past the flaws and find so much more.
Thats all any of us want.
So go...
   Open your eyes,
         And look inside.
                 Look for the mind, heart, and soul.


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