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You can’t stop the future

Let her die

Don’t look behind you

You don’t know what you’ll find.


Don’t tell me what to do

What to say

I won’t be a “good girl”

I will only be myself.


No, I won’t be quiet, or sit down

Me, myself and I agree

Your one to talk,

Do you know how to perfect the art of living?


Unfair and one-sided

Your story spun of lies and fiction

Ask me no questions

Until you know the meaning of life.


Don’t talk of thing that do not exist

No divine intervention is coming

You are a true fool

Even thinking of blind faith.


Upon the crumbling wall

The devils daughter watches

Still as stone

We are so ignorant that we don’t notice.


He watches the heat smoke rise

Making no move to escape

One who is not a fool

Realizing how pointless life is.


The person who you don’t want

Is left behind and forgotten

One world filled with us

No similarities in between.


After our sentences living

Nothing is all that is left

There are no good or bad mornings

Nothing at all.


In the beginning, you may not remember

Nothing was ever there

The end is exactly the same

Is it the end or a beginning?

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