A Note For Teacher

"What's wrong?"

What is wrong is that a 15 year old girl was sent to a mental hospital for threatening to take her life.
What is wrong is that now, at 16, she is still contemplating whether or not life is worth living or if she's driving on a road with an unexpected end.
What is wrong is that a girl who once was alive now feels like death is watching her every choice and that all her choices are mistakes.
What is wrong is that there is a battlefield within her and everyday she is forced to act as if she is not wounded.
What is wrong is that after months of prescription bottle after prescription bottle, after therapy and doctor appointments, she feels the same as she did when she first decided to take her life.
What is wrong is after all this time, she is still as broken and confused as before.
What is wrong is that they know her breaking points and still they ignore her cries of help.
What is wrong is that she seeks for her sanity, but only comes up shorthanded.
What is wrong is that her grades are dropping and everyone's explanation is that she's "not trying hard enough" when she is trying harder than enough but due to this damn illness, her combined efforts are minimal.
What is wrong is that she forgets that she has to be happy because "other people have it worse" and that there is no way a girl who can afford to live can have depression and that a girl who is not yet old enough to have experience in the world can have depression.
What is wrong is people do not understand that
-depression has no age limit
-depression is not biased against race, gender sexuality, or nationality
-depression is not a 'temporary emotion'
-depression has no cure
-depression is a life sentence and it damn well makes sure that you do not forget this

So you can ask me what is wrong... but to be honest, "nothing" is a more suitable answer for you.

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