Not Something You See


United States
29° 20' 43.926" N, 98° 33' 59.7888" W

There is more to me than meets your eye; a past and a history that is me.
Representing the people who molded me: the ones who struggled so I might achieve.
Intelligent and determined to make my own future in a world that believes I cannot.
Underneath there’s an entire culture bursting at the seams…waiting to be seen.
My legacy: to be heard. To succeed. To rise above adversity and take what I deserve.
Please, help me to be free. I am who I am, and I cannot change- no, I WILL NOT change it.
Hispanic and proud!
A single person, strong and loud, sprouting from the roots of a mighty people.
Not just some face in the crowd. I stand out.
TRIUMPHANT! That is me.

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