Not So Small


Yeah, I may be “pocket-sized,”

But just you wait and see.

In a couple of years you’ll look up,

To find me as a giant tree.

Or maybe I’m just stuck like this:

Heredity’s little treat,

Keeping a girl’s height,

Forever at five feet!

And though it can be a burden,

There are some positives you can take.

For instance, when you’re stuck in a crowd,

You can slither through like a snake.

But some people like to joke around;

When I am at my best,

And they plop their arm on my head,

To use as their own arm rest.

Though this doesn’t bother me,

Majority of the time,

It can get provoking,

And a little out of line.

So I turn to them and smirk,

Because just they wait and see,

In a couple of years they’ll look up,

And I may be a giant tree.


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