Not Just a Memory to Me

I wish I could be your provider

I wish I could be your shooting star

I wish I could be your lone survivor

And be with you near or far

Don’t leave me to die

Don’t push me aside

Cause I’m your biggest fan

Regardless of me not being your man

You may think that I’m not good enough

Might think he has all the right stuff

But you’ll never feel quite as good as before

So don’t walk out

Don’t leave it at that

And leave me standing at that open door

I feel as though I am such a fool

For pretending as though I never saw you at school

The truth being

Loud and clear

No matter where I sat

You were near

And when you left

I tried to move on

But no one can compete

With the one and only to make me complete

I lost more than just you

I lost part of myself

A part of my heart

I should’ve fought for you then we might not be split apart

But what good is hindsight

In this battle I can’t fight

You’re still there with me

Even when you’re with him

Even when you’re gone

I think that’s another reason I have yet to move on

But why should I leave this rare oddity

You declared us as such and I completely agree

But that oddity was nice

Normal was boring and we were anything but

It is most unfortunate that we came to this rut

You are beautiful

You are smart

You were bossy at times but I didn’t care

Because at the end of the day you were always there

You told me I was funny

You said I was smart

At times we made time stop

I was your weird boy

You my angel, my queen

Taking care of my faithful machine

And now

My friends may scoff

When I tell them you should break it off

Give him up and allow me redemption

Because despite all we’ve had

All we’ve lost

All we suffered

The video replays

Even that not yet buffered

And maybe it’s sad or desperate of me

But when I close my eyes

It’s still you I see

You still embellish my dreams with hope

And those hopes, those dreams

Even my aspirations

Mean nothing without your inspiration

So here I sit on another restless night

Yet again replaying our fights

Imagining how we might remain

As more than an often melded thought to stay sane

I have been your support since the day we met

And that, my dear, is no secret

Through all the rough stuff before we had each other

Up until the point where you saw another

Yet even now you can’t say goodbye

And still declare that you miss me

You love me and I you

That is no mystery

I feel a wave of emptiness and darkness inside

Without you I feel as though I need to hide

I was always there to assist in your darkest of times

Not being your man is my biggest of crimes

But consider this as one final plea

For you I would give up all my vanity

I’m asking you, just this once

To come and rescue me



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