Not a girl anymore

I wanted to grow up
But never in this way

I wanted to grow up
Only a bright future all the way

But growing up is hard
It's not like the shows

Your friends betray you
Your love turns away from you
The adults don't care for you
There's no singing or dancing
There's bloodshed and tears

Women are losing rights
LGBT are dying because "it's not right"
My peers are sad and depressed
No one said it would be like this

Countless nights I cried myself to sleep
Countless nights I haven't dreamed

It's not full of colors
Instead the world has faded

I wanted to grow up
I wanted to be a woman

Now I'm scared of my future
I can't walk alone
I can't wear nice things
I'll constantly hear
"Slut" and "Whore"
For just being pretty?

The one thing I learned as I grew up
Was the harshest reality

I'm not a girl anymore

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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