Not an Excuse

Day in, day out

We hear harsh words

We get rejected

We get shot down

We get made fun of

But you know what we don't do?

We don't hurt other people.

A woman has a right

A man has a right

To tell someone no

To say their not interested

To ignore who they wish

It might not be kind,

But not everyone is.

Not being kind isn't equal to taking a life, though,

Taking a life is complete evil.

Having a hard time as a kid, because you have a form of autism, is not an excuse

Thats not a violent illness

Having a hard time at any age is not an excuse

Everyone has hard times

You can't excuse your actions,

You did it, you don't have a good reason, and you don't get an excuse

You lost your priviledge to excuse your behavior when you took your first life

There is no excuse.


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