Not Broken Yet

You agreed we could still be friends,

As you said it was over in front of the

Whole school during dismissal.

You ran at the sight of me after that.

Funny…thinking about it now,

I couldn’t cry. I wondered

What I did wrong.


Was I ugly? Was I fat?

I began eating healthier.

Was I not smart enough?

I got serious about my grades.

Was I not a nice person?

I started being kind to everyone I met.


Then I realized it wasn’t me.

I was the one negotiating date times,

The one calling to check on you,

The one that went to your church

Despite how uncomfortable it made me.


“Even thinking impure thoughts

Will land you a one-way ticket to Hell!”


Now, if only you’d follow your beliefs,

Instead of staring at me in AP Stat,

And trying to buy my attention

With unwanted whispers

Of sorry's and please forgive me's.


I’m not broken yet. Not even close.

I’m stronger than ever!

Why would you try to break


With a plastic spork?

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