To Not Be Alone

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 00:24 -- Viviand

When life is no longer mine save the series of smiles

and know it’s been hard, these past few miles

A race.. No, a chase? From what I fear most 

To know that my body might inhabit such a host

Depression, I swallow the word, for there’s knowledge to what’s at stake 

Then, speak to someone about this, hoping I’m not too late 

But I still can’t define the feeling clearly,  it controls so utterly 

What on Earth will they say, when my answer is puppetry?

So they gave out tablets and bottles that rattle at my side

For I made promises to do my best, and now I  must abide

Yet what is it that could possibly provide such a will

For I hate to rely on this little white pill 

Slowly, then all at once, I feel like me

Basking in the happy glow, of individuality

What seemed so far, is incredibly near 

For there’s confidence in myself again and with that is no fear

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