It's the feeling of running through rain 

holding your heels instead of trying to run in them.

The sheer satin and silk tulle skirt, gracefully, 

flying with you, flowing around you as you run.

But when you run through the puddles

 the bottom of the skirt gets splashed

so you have to hold it up a little.

All while laughing and squealing a little because of the rain.

Wearing this beautiful angelic skirt, and the heels to match, 

trying to get to your car, you feel like an adult. 

but running barefoot through the puddles makes you feel like a child. 

the cold puddles splashing your ankles

making you squeal and giggle at the same time.

That little infinity, 

that moment, 

that feeling, 

you are living in the moment.

Hold onto it. It's a little piece of joy. 

And remember that feeling, 

the pure emotion of the moment, 

life will pass as quickly as it did.






This poem is about: 



I can't stop thinking about you.

Completely innocent, we fell asleep together.


Laying next to you

under a big blanket

our legs brushing against each other,

our faces less than a foot away.


Eyes closed

but I stole a few peeks...

to see your sleeping face,

it makes me smile,

you are peaceful.


We whisper

in our sleepy voices

to each other until we finally 

drift off

to sleep.


You twitch in your sleep

waking me a couple times

but I didn't mind:

its a quirk that makes you: you.

One of the endless things I love about you.


Falling asleep right there,

right next to you,

made me feel

safer than I ever have

as close as to peace as possible

truly beautiful.

I felt

a feeling I thought I lost a long time ago.

I might be 












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