Normal Words

Actions speak volume.

Actions speak volume.

But I Turn down words
Because all words can hurt, so I make sure words are never heard. Why is it that every word expressed
Must involve sex,
Must involve drugs,
And lust that only wrecks,
Why do words involve pain,
False love with few to blame Circulating thoughts, making pulsating hearts.
Temptations in the beginning,
Consequences in the start
Consequences in the end-so
I guess results depend
On every expectation -
Struggles come with a pen
So I Write, I'm far from basic.


Hot Rod

Truth is, no one cares about your feeling so you come on here to be heard. I pity you. You will never make it in the poem world if u keep writing your feelings down. Try writing about real stuff, something only brighter minds can relate to.


I love this poem because it really express how sometimes words can hurt and silence can be the only solution.This poem how sometimes i stay calm because if i use my words they can hurt .Outstanging and creative way to write 

check out my poetry and hopefully my words inspire you thank you 

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