Normal is all I want to be.

Normal is what they say I am.

But Normal is not what I am.

They say, I am Normal.

Who calls being hyper,


Who calls being distracted,


No one but them. 

The ones who think,

Just because I know something,

Means I'll pass.

But I won't.

They don't teach me the right way.

I become distracted,

I become fidgety,

From not releasing my energy.

They say that it is Normal, 

That I don't pay attention. 

But is it Normal that I Instead,

Look out the window,

Tap my fingers,

Read something else,

Or do anything,

Just not what was assigned.

They say I am Normal,

But I know I am not. 

Normal is not ADHD. 

I have always wanted to be Normal,

But now,

I know Normal,

Is not Normal.

Normal is me,

Being me.

Not being someone else.

Normal is ADHD,

And ADHD is me. 



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