It is a painful memory
To which there is no remedy.
I cut you; you don't bleed.
No eyelids, you don't see
That I cannot breathe,
And I am on my knees,
Begging and pleading.
It's my heart you are beating.
I'm walking on blades to make myself behave.
I use to, but in your arms, I don't feel safe.
It's the calm before the storm, before the murderous wave,
And I'm for real this time, this is my last drink.
Shadow after shadow mistreating me.
Hollow, I'm so hollow; they're deceiving me.
Demon after demon using me to dump their semen,
But my cold and dead truth, you still not seeing.
Lacking faith 'cause what's there to believe in?
My spirit is a pepper; it's hot and seething.
If it opens its mouth, there's fire breathing.
There's no noble prince; I'll face no defeating.
You took me in your hands, and you proceeded to crush me.
I wanted to cry whenever you would fuck me.
Yeah, I wanted to hide. I wanted to die.
Princess locked in a tower. All she wanna do is fly,
But her wings fell off and her heart too soft
To go on. She lies in bed and writes sad songs.
Suffering is prolonged by peer devastation.
Soul is cracking, lacking self preservation.
Tear and cum stains on the bedding,
More bad blood than the red wedding,
Patches in the quilt need mending.
Damn, I just keep defending
Man, I be ignoring the truth.
Is the color of my soul, 12:01PM to noon.
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