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You closed the door in my face when I needed an umbrella 

you left me in the rain to wash away

I kept letting you run me over like I was a high way  with no time to stop and stand up

And I built up so much anger 

You made me become sore from the worms you put in my heart 

 You never said you were sorry 

You made fun of me and judged me when I only wanted a friend 

You took it ALL out on me and all I did was let you do it ..

But I hope one day when you finally reach that red light 

You will look back and see the destruction you made in me..




Comment if you liked this poem. Those comments will help make me become a stronger poet and being able to share me emotions though poetry . Thank you so much 


THIS ! I love this one! I can feel the just goes on and on.


THANK you so much!!!!


WOW, u really been through hell and high water. This poem really speaks volume to the sorrows you have built up in your life based on past experiences with individuals but like your profile name says "Powerful Imani" I know you are a strong individual. Keep your head up dear, don't let the negativity of this world weaken who you are. Be a NONE STOP fighter!!! and never lose hope. 


Thank you that really means a lot because GOD knows how much I fight and remain strong even when its impossible to . Thanks for the love and support it  makes my day. God bless 

Mafi Grey

This one is really good too and I feel like a lot of people can relate to this one too.


Yes I wrote this to be the voice for people who get bullied and how it effects them everyday

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