I perch on a blanket underneath a huge oak tree , 

Watching interesting individuals pass by me. 

I quietly laugh to myself as the popular girls at school walk by in a heard,

all of them wearing the same type of clothing, looking like clones of the one superb. 

My ears fall upon a high pitched cry,

Hey girls its... SELFIE TIME!

I inwardly groan and roll my eyes,

as they begin buzzing around like flies.

Poses are stuck left and right,

as they try and find the perfect light. 

Still unseen I look over one of the girls shoulders,

and see them all trying to perfect the duckface smolder.

I smile to myself because I know the secret that you don't need pictures to make yourself look good,

You look exactly as you should.

No matter what the media shows,

you need to show what nobody knows.

You just need to show yourself as beautiful,

and let people know your personality is wonderful.

This is why you don't need makeup or a filter,

now you see how the media is off kilter.

Just relax and let yourself shine.


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