Mon, 01/05/2015 - 23:22 -- kiabney



who are you when you look into the mirror?

are you filtered? or is the vision clearer?

does valencia hide what is inside?

do you look at yourself through instagram's eyes?

do you choose black and white on days you feel blue?

or put your sunglasses on so no one can see through?


do you choose nashville to contrast all the hues?

and post it so everyone can look and see you?

you press send, but the world cannot see

what truly is hidden behind the screen.

the memories and meaning from the photos within

get lost in this generation we are in.


Who is the person behind the edit?

Ask yourself, before you forget it.

You can only hide so much behind sepia tones

why don't you take a break and pick up the phone?

call an old friend and see how theyre doing

because sometimes an edit really can ruin,

what is really going on in this picture that you see

that I have just posted to the world, from me.


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