Nobodys Listening Anyways

If there were a zombie apocalypse I'd use you for bait & keep the rest of my family safe.

I wouldn't feel too bad, you're just a wild animal with a half a brain.

You've got enough brains in your head to manipulate,

but not enough to feel any real emotional pain.

Everything you do is for your own personal gain.

Giving you a safe home and a place to stay came with the price.

They say give and you'll receive, that's what I use to believe.

All you do is take take take. You've taken everything.

This house is a hollow shell, not a home.

The police come knockin' and all they do is a lot of talkin'.

I'm so tired of tryin', so tired of you foolin' people with your fake cryin'.

Its all a bunch of lyin'. Makes me wanna throw up that you like the idea of me dying.

Sell your sob story to someone else, I'm not buyin'.

Serve and protect? Shit.

More like turn around and neglect. five oh don't do shit.

When's this gonna quit?

Maybe they'll believe their are demons in my home

when they find my body cold as stone.

They might try to save me, but I'll already be gone.

See I've seen the death grip in the flesh.

He was fixin' to take my sisters life with no second guess.

Hands around her neck, that look in his eyes is one I'll never forget.

Trying to peel his fingers off her throat had me working up a sweat.

I done cried for help a million times.

I've endured the beatings, witnessed the smiles of a once happy home

disappear with every blow.

I've watched the people that mean the most to me turn into ghosts in their own homes.

Hearts still beating, lungs still breathing, but hope receding.

Haunting their own home, carrying around young, exhausted bones.

Trying to ignore visions of head stones.

My grandma is eighty years old, my baby sister is only four.

They care less and hurt more.

I always have one foot out the door,

warning everyone I can't do this anymore.

But no matter how fast my feet take me away,

I'm coming back to this place.

I can't stand the thought of leaving. I do have a purpose here, to take the beating.

To keep the closed fists away from the two weakest. 

I can't say I'm fearless.

I'm scared to death of the thought that maybe one day,

I won't be there to stand in the way.

I'm terrified that maybe one day I wont be fast enough to take the pain.

I just want things to be okay again.


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