Nobody knew

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 16:55 -- Tfell

Nobody knew


As I cry silently in my head looking around as if I was dead a crowd full of people but not a soul around I whisper to myself careful to not make a sound I stare at the needles next to my side my fingertips cooling as I lay dying my final thought being this is what I’ve done being all alone when I could’ve spoke up I hear the loud knocking my mothers frantic voice the door swings wide-open she didn’t have a choice but to be faced with the fear she had for so long.

Losing the one she thought she could save because she was strong as my eyes close the sobbing fades the pain of life was taken in vein I peek to see a metal table so cold I trace my body with my finger to know I see the bruises of where my friends helped me the warm rush I got that I thought would heal me I ask myself what did I do there was a crowd full of people but nobody knew

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Our world


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