Nobodies Laughing

Oh Beautiful Country of mine,

On the backs of the broken you stand.

A pillar of corruption and hypocrisy,

Built on stolen land.

All men are created equal,

Ha! Don't make me laugh.

'Cause if you're even one drop nego,

They'll call you lazy, stupid and crass.

If you're brown,

Avoid the South,

Strange fruit swings from the trees.

Guns are displayed with pride,

I hear they shoot even if you plead.

Children are starving,

Folks outta work,

But somehow our countries on top.

With billionaires sitting on capitol hill,

Taxin' 'til the people go




Women make less than men,

Being gay is a crime,

Education at an all time low,

Federal spending on a high.

Entertainers and movie stars,

know how to play the game.

Give to those with less than you,

Until the camera shifts away.

We're all so worried about our image,

That we've failed to see the signs.

The middle class shrinking from existence,

Right before our very eyes.

American darling, I love you.

You're the baddest bitch in town.

Because who wouldn't want to live free,

Even if your leader acts like a clown.

You've got egg on your face,

I’m sorry, that's just a really bad tan,

Have I mentioned your allies

Don't even want to shake the chief's hand.

But all joking aside,

From sea to shining sea,

You really are the most beautiful country I've ever seen.

Beneath all your imperfections ,

Is a nation that was built on good intentions.

A country that can be as stunning as it once was,

before all the poverty, race issues, and drugs.

To move forward we must acknowledge, who we are,

Each of us represented under 50 shining stars.

We are all immigrants and refugees

Descendents of former slaves,

And we all live here,

In the land of the free,

Home of the brave.


This poem is about: 
My country


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