No Where to Be Found

Reaching out for my mom's hand,

It was nowhere to be found,

She was no longer on this earth with us,

It felt as my world came tumbling down,

She was no longer there to guide me,

But if know she will be up there to oversee,

All of the beautiful things she has taught me,

And how I became the girl to be,

I knew I had to be strong,

And things would never be the same,

Even if I do somethings wrong,

My mom will always be up there to lead the way,

I no longer have her hand to guide me,

But that is a part of growing up,

To take the training wheels off the bicycle,

And instead to buckle up,

It is a rollercoaster from here,

With tons of ups and downs,

But whatever I do,

I do it for my mother,

To make her proud


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