No Say.



What if one day the normals changed?

What if one day they screamed for no reason? Or cried for no reason. Or said I hate myself for no reason.

And then we as the freaks became the new norm.

And we ran everything.

And we were seen as individuals that have a say. That have a voice. That can make a change.

What if everything was reversed and no one could change it back.

Could you deal?

Would you be able to deal with a pill regimen and know and fear your triggers?

Could you put up with being in the psych ward? With other people like you?

Scaring you?

Yelling and screaming and punching and trying to be the person mommy and daddy planned on you being?

Scratching and banging at those gray walls until you hear someone…anyone.

Lucky for you, that isn’t reality.

But for me it is.

I have to hide my face.

I have to hide my words.

I have to put my head down and blend.

Restricted to writing down the words that flood my mind on a daily basis.

And yet I have to hide them. And censor them. And edit them.

So that all of YOU can find it acceptable.

What if the world worked differently and I became what was normal.

And you had no say. 

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