No Pants Party


Banging, Clanging, Singing,

Lyrical tunes spinning,

That’s how I think, not how I write.


Restricted by society,

They say “Don’t say”

They say “Do say”

“Listen to us,

We know what’s right,”

But I want to speak

NO! Sing out,


To say my mind,

To show my face,

Without filters,

It’s preposterous,



We need more make-up,



But what if I can’t do it?

Calm my frizzy hair,

Cover my pimples.



What if I want to sing?

Be free to be me,

To feel comfortable in who

I am,

With flowing words that should never be heard

By “polite” society,

The regulations prohibit

Free spirit,

A new idea is something to fear,

Manikins and models looking the same

All with #Valencia under their name;

But I will change that,

Because I will not wear filters

Use filters.

I will not wear pants.


Bare and free.

I can be


Imperfect perfection.

Without filters,

Or pants.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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