"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another"- Charles Dickens

Love, Love, Love. Love is all we need. And most of the time, we need love from others when we cannot love ourselfs. I had to overcome many fears throughout my life. I always believed I was alone and different from other people. when i cannot sleep , i look out my window and glaze at the stars . and i feel as if i was going into a new perspective of life. Life, for me involves many missions and obstacles. But there is no excersise better for the soul than reaching down and lifting people up. I care for many people. And I always do my best to lend a hand to others . No one should go through any hardships alone. it might be to much for them to handle on their own. Charity and love are the same. you give love by reaching out your hand to the homeless not by offering money to them. 

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