No one, from a Mistake


United States
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No one really talks about it

It's a taboo thing

Unable to accept it

I try not to think

I pray that I was stronger

That I didn't give in

all I think about is why me, why him

If it weren't me I'd say, "What were you thinking?"

No one really talks about it

no one will know

I wish I stronger

I wish I could let go,

I could tell my friends but they won't understand

I just need someone to hold my hand

My heart is breaking

but no one will know

My secrets will kill me before I let go

I won't let it slip

not even a peep

I'll pretend it never happened 

I'll be happy,

that's what they'll see

I wish I stronger

I wish I said no

No one will hear about

No one will know,

The pressure is too much for me to let go,

I just need a hand

from someone who'll care

I don't want to be sad

I want someone to be there,

My empathy is gone,

But I'll pretend it's still there.

No one will know

No one cares.

I've closed the door 

You've seen too much.

I didn't mean to type this

But it's all too much.

I want to be happy,

But no one will know, and know will care


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