No One Listens


United States
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Let me lay here and rest
Because I am just so tired.
My heavy heart is hurting
All I want is for the beating to stop.
When I’m standing no one sees me
If I’m laying no one finds me.
When I’m talking no one hears me
And when I’m silent they forget I exists.
So just let me rest up on this floor.

I see you’ve come back
This time you don’t hold whips or guns
In your hands is the spinning world.
And every day you beat us with it.
When we get upset, we are irrational
When we get angry, were violent
When we get resourceful, we’re ghetto
And when depression hit and motivation falls,
oh that’s just typical nigger behavior.
You told us at a young age what beauty was and that we weren’t it.
You reformed the minds of our men to look down on us.
So as we grow it is them who remind us everyday
That we are not beautiful.
They look at us and say
“You are too dark!”
“I love me a red and yellow bone.”
Like dogs.
You told us straight long hair was beautiful.
So we can buy your creamy crack and processed hair
Just so we will not be mocked.
But yet our efforts go in vain
Because they still mock the weaves and perms on our heads
And when we choose to go without
It is the naps we are born with that is laughed at.
And while they mock us
You lurk in the corner and laugh.
Because you no longer have to say anything to our people.
It’s instilled in our blood from generations past
To look down on ourselves
And you go around with your head held high
Claiming this is the 21st century and that you’re progressive
Even now you look down on your own women.
You seek to control them like you do my people.
You control everything from her paycheck to her womb.
And when she breaks free from your world
Deem her a feminist
And send her to get back into the kitchen.
You’d think they’d be grateful
You’d think they’d be grateful.
You took her image and defined it as beauty
They have something to smile about.
They have no reason to frown
Unlike the frown permanently marked on the faces of our women.
I got mine from my mother
But I’ll be damned if I pass it down to my own child.
I’m so tired of talking, because no one listens
They hear my words, but they don’t listen
But I can’t stay silent
Because if I do,
They’ll forget I exists.


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