No One Likes a Murderer

We all have reasons.

Some decide to fall in line

to grow up and away from

criminals beneath us.

And some decide to become them.

Choosing is not easy

though we think we

know what's right.

No one likes to be stolen from

to be beaten or cheated or used


but contemplate reverse

initiated rehearsed,

even good people

have needs unversed.


This empty soul holds feelings untold

at least what's left of them.

Swirls of black and

hopeless holds and

slick sick demons

do damage deep down

to let them out is murder.

And no one likes a murderer,

a robber or rapist or felon


but what if selfish acts

extract the black

and attacks from loved

compact it back.






They take our slack and with wax enact

a tax on fact of feeling through plaque

our conceited tracks have brought climax

and never again shall syntax crack.


Punishment comes from breaking the law.


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