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Sat, 08/24/2019 - 11:39 -- Samkolo

How is this news in a country where most of the youths don't know where their next meal is coming from? How is this news in a country where some parents have four graduates at home, and still feeding them and don't know when and how they will become independent? How is this news in a nation where our leaders still travel out to treat headache? Where our hospitals are abandoned and death traps? How is this news in a nation where the rich continually steal and deprive the poor? Where men of 40 are still single, because of the fear of the financial implication of raising a family, How is this news in a nation where it is more profitable to slay than to be industrious?where we pray more than we work, and ask God to help us root out evil leaders, while we sit and look,Where a youth demands accountability, and is locked up, and other youths debate about his tribe rather than his passion, how is this news where scores are killed daily by ritualists, book haram, robbers, and all vices,but it becomes a national debate when a law maker is harrased in a far away land! How is this news where majority of our people are dillusioned, accepted poverty as a way of life, lack, as Gods will, we must rise up someday and begin to make what counts matter,

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My country
Our world


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