No Matter What


Your feet are too big

Your feet are too small

Your legs are too thick

Your legs are too thin

Your butt is big

Your butt is small

Be who I am


Your tummy is so flat

Your tummy is full of fat

Your belly button is an outie

Your belly button is an innie

Your too short

Your too tall

Be who I am 


Your skin is pale

Your skin is tan

Your hair is curly

Your hair is straight

Your eyes are colored

Your eyes are brown

Be who I am


Society wants you thinner

Society wants you taller

Society wants you light skinned

Society wants you to hate yourself

Society wants you to starve

Society wants you "perfect"

Be who I am


What do I want?

I was born 

I am a gift 

I am loved

I am alive

I am perfect

No matter what





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