No matter how far I

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 20:16 -- FM909

No matter how far I go
You seem so far away
The way you grab your hair
Makes me feel like im not here
You gasp for air
Like I suffocate you for being here
But thats all I want from you
To be here with me
Along this ride
I NEED you to be with me
To say im sorry for the pain
I have caused
You no longer seem to care
Like you used to
You no longer seem to be there
Like you used to
You seem so far away
You are so far away
From what I want us to be
From were I want us to be
You no longer crave the same
You have walked away
Away fron the best thing that can make you okay
I am not okay
I used to long for you like no other
Now I fight to have you near
What has come between us
For you to see
You are no longer here
We were in love once
Now thats just a memory
Soon to be erased
By all your unfaithful tears
You said you were sorry
But still i fear
You are not so near to me like you speak to be
You have walked away from the fight we try to win
We are no longer we
But me and you fighting to live
Not together but next to eachothers fears
Thats all we see
Each others fears
We do not love we do not see
We are living alone with a partner we cannot reach
We are no longer in love
But strangers
Waking up to see the next day
You see me as someone in pain
I SEE you as someone in vain
Living together just to survive the last that we can have
I hope one day I find the love
That i once had
The love you erased
Can it really be over??
Can I no longer touch you without feeling alone??
You seem to miss the point
You had me completely
But you wanted more
More than I could give you
Just for fun
Just to lust
You wanted more than what we ever were
You searched for lust
That was always there
But you searched away from me
You searched for it elsewhere
Like if I was never there
I cried for you to see me
But you rather have had someone else
Because at the end of the day
Thats all you wanted
You wanted someone else
I hope one day you see
I gave you all you needed
I gave you all you wanted to be
I loved you
But you wanted more of me
That was impossible to give
You lost me long ago
You lost all we could be
Just to have a fling
That you never wanted to keep
I was all you wanted
And more
You just never saw
How much I gave you
To survive
I gave you all of me to survive
But you felt I was exchangable
Just for time being
Just while you where away
Fuck you and all your being
You never loved me like you pleaded to
You never loved me
You never loved me
I will never love me..
Dear Goddess im sorry..
I havent seen the light
You tried to give me
Because of him
I HAVE lost my way
My way to you
Dear Goddess Im sorry
I let myself down by believing
He was more than he could be
Dear Goddess


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