No love is perfect

It was all so perfect
I felt so alive
Felt like our love was powerful and never would die
I was so happy
Had no tears in my eyes
If only he knew what joy he made me feel inside

But then a time came
where it felt like our love had failed
I was so hurt
Had a pain that I almost couldn't bare
But I kept pushing
Harder and harder
Even when everyone told me to let go
No matter how bad it hurt
No matter how bad I cried
I couldn't let go without knowing I tried
Because he was someone special I couldn't leave behind

Although it hurt
I knew it was worth it
There's no such thing as a love that is perfect
Love is awesome because it doesn't fade away
Regardless if it caused you heartache and pain
Love has it's moments where it makes you want to ball up and cry
Other moments when you're with him, and he makes you feel so alive
Love is something that won't die
As long you don't give up
As long as you try

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