No Longer a Slave

I was ten when I started to learn about slavery in school and how it had affected the world.

I learned about Martin Luther, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman and

all of the African Americans that have made a difference to the world.

It was then that I asked myself "Have they really fixed the whole issue of slavery?"

It was then that I realized that we are all slaves.

We're slaves to our jobs, stereotypes, politics,technology and the list goes on and on.

It is not until we're laying on our soon to be death beds,

that we think about what we could have done differently.

I ask you a second question, "is there any freedom in the world?"

But I mean real freedom, not freedom to do whatever you want but freedom to live

a life of joy and deep love. It was not until I was fourteen, when I figured out the answer.

It was not until four years later that I figured out this answer,

and I never would of thought it to be so simple.

It was when I was at my weakest, lowest and ready to

collapse moments that freedom spoke to me.

Now this freedom wasn't money or Prince charming.

Actually this freedom doesn't have a physical body. This freedom was God.

God gave me freedom, he took all my burdens and gave me peace.

I am no longer a slave to life, I am no longer a slave to depression,

I am no longer a slave to my mind. I am no longer a slave to society

and I am no longer a slave to myself.

For I am not a slave anymore, I am a servant and a child of God.

He freed me from my great sorrows and burdens.

For I am no longer a slave but a servant.

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