No longer just a face

Who am I?


Often we find it hard to define ourselves,

plagued by the influence of society.

Am I really me?

Or am I just a part of the conspiracy?

A face blended into the crowd,

part of a nation, strong and proud.

The Man tells you that you're unique,

but forces you to be just one in a group, cold and bleak.


No that's not me!

I'm more, I'm free!

I am distinguished and colorful,

I am me and I am wonderful!

I am generous and kind,

a loving face no longer confined!

Once I realized my identity was unique and amazing,

nothing could extinguish my fire,

it was bright and it was blazing.

I make myself who I am,

now that is truly amazing.

No government or teacher can tell me who to be,

I'm loving and corky, I am me.

No longer am I just a face in a crowd,

I am me, and me is loud.


To find my identity,

I looked into myself.

Afterall, where else would the true you be?


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Thank you so much! I'm glad I could put how you're feeling into words.

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