No Guarantee

Tue, 03/12/2019 - 14:47 -- lf002

What would you do if you knew tomorrow wasn't guarenteed?

If medical coverage became your greatest need?

Could you live your life in pain all day?

Would you have a career if at home you had to stay?

These questions stay ringing in my head

as I sit here pondering from a hospital bed.

Paralyzed by fear of a future unknown

staring at scans angry at whats shown.

Scared and defeated I'm left with a choice

to fight like hell, or silence my own voice. 

To my own fears of my body I will not succumb

to my dreams and ambitions I will not go numb.

I will seek to inspire and improve those around me

and choose to become all I can be.

The cost will be great but I will be greater

my fear will not turn me into my own biggest hater.

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