No Filter

To you,

I am just a pale face

Tired and exhausted

I lack something that you want.

And to you,

That is perfection.

I am more than just this filter

Of beauty so fake.

I am a person.

With dreams that reach the clouds

And aspirations without limits.

Without this


I dream of becoming the best

Teaching students that don’t understand

And inspiring those who already do.

I want to show them that I am more than just

A girl.

The sky is my limit

But I want to reach the moon.

I want to share literature in its true light

Similar to me

And the filters that hide my flaws.

They insult the writing

Instead of looking at the real picture.

I want someone to look at me

The same way that I look at a book.

Pure and unabridged.

Without this façade.

Without this filter.

To you,

I am pale and lack the brush of foundation.

However my image

Is more than my appearance. 

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